Site Analysis

Looking to move or expand your business to a new location? An effective site location strategy begins with a precise analysis of the market. Having a successful site strategy represents a fundamental component of your business. Global Business Union will give you the right tools to assess which markets are best associated with your business strategies in order to succeed.

"We provide help in the selection and acquisition of locations to give you the best conditions to operate".

Global Business Union provides comprehensive location research for the product or service entry into the desired area. This includes site selection, location analysis, market screening and related services to its clients involved in development and retailing activities throughout the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. These analyses evaluate the spectrum of the potential critical factors that may interfere with your business location, including availability of market support for the planned project, the physical and regulatory constraints and location characteristics such as visibility and accessibility.

Depending on the geographic constraints of your product or service, the research could involve a nationwide screening or could be limited to a specific area or neighborhood. Global Business Union provides assistance in the selection and acquisition of the location to offer our clients the best conditions to operate.

Site Location & Research

Based on the project, we assist clients in assessing the appropriateness of a given location. This requires careful consideration of set conditions and in-depth research involving market identification, demographics, geographic and legal constraints, transportation network, infrastructure and economic indicators.

Acquisition Assistance

Once the location is selected, there are still many steps to follow before the acquisition process is successfully completed. Our assistance start-to-finish oversight of the process includes broker selection and management, leasing terms and liabilities, negotiation, and specification of the contingency plan.

Site Analysis
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