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We believe that in the modern and global era it is vital to understand and be familiar with the international business system to be able to grow and successfully attain career goals. A key requirement to access the global market is having a complete vision of all the dynamics that intervene in the everyday core business. We have created a unique customable program that combines current company projects with key study concepts to help students and business professionals be ready and prepared in doing business internationally.

"An in depth work experience in action on the field".

The internship program will give a hands-on work experience and an interactive learning from actual entrepreneurs and executives who will share their knowledge and challenges with the students. The attendants will have a complete immersion in real projects of companies who are experiencing a hard time or issues that are affecting their performance. Startup cases will also be a part of the practical experience. During the 4 weeks internship period students will have the opportunity to contribute effectively in the resolution of the challenge faced by the company.

Learning objectives. At the end of the internship students will gain:

  • Overview of the US economy system and emerging industries.
  • Improvement on student’s field of study applied to practical cases.
  • Work experience in American company actual projects
  • Direct interaction with executives, entrepreneurs and staff members.
  • Career opportunity to acquire in international work environment

Attendance Limited

Special packages can be applied to students of Business and Engeneering Universities.

For further information about registration, fees and eligibility please download the brochure or you can contact us by email:

EMAIL: internships@globalbusinessunion.com

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Business Internship
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