Legal Assistance

Global Business Union understands business traditions and culture that exist in various countries worldwide, and is prepared to assist you in identifying the key legal issues linked to your product and service.

"Assisting small and middle companies to manage legal issues and business risks".

Trough our partners, we will portray you the international scenario that your company will face in doing business overseas: local regulation, basic contract requirement, taxes, immigration law and how to make use of government and federal programs that can help you in an international arena.

Foreign investment and growing international trade have increased the demand for international legal advice. Global Business Union commitment to provide a complete range of legal advice and business services to clients involved in international business, which is reflected in the wide range of knowledge: foreign languages, culture and business skills that our expert possess.

The mission of Global business union is to assist small and middle companies in managing those legal issues and business risks that result from their international start up and foreign operations as well as from their domestic business.

Our expertise in international business enables our clients to understand the challenges faced by firms involved in international markets not only from a business but also a complete law perspective.

Legal Assistance


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