Import/Export Assistance

When domestic markets are slowing down, it is time to explore new opportunities. More than ever businesses are looking to develop international business strategies. By trading internationally, companies can benefit from a larger customer base to expand there business, reduce dependence on existing markets and creating additional revenue.

Globalization is time consuming and there are many risks and costs associated to start a new export venture. Finding foreign markets or suppliers and dealing with shipping complexities are only two of the challenges facing small and middle sized firms seeking to participate in international trade.

"Assisting companies compete in a challenging global marketplace".

Companies should be cautioned that international trade involves many complexities above and beyond the basic disciplines necessary for operating a domestic business. Complexities include issues of:

  • Financial,
  • Licensing and property rights
  • Cultural factors
  • Communications
  • Adapting promotional and marketing material
  • Provide active distributors and customers overseas, and organize meetings
  • Organize shipping and deal with custom regulations
  • Realistic evaluation of market opportunities for your products and services
  • Operational and marketing plans
  • Customs documentation/ duties and taxes calculations

Success in international trade requires dedicated time, study and investment in order to gain appropriate knowledge and experience on these issues. Based on the expertise and service Global Business Union will effectively assist companies competing in a crowded and challenging global marketplace.

Import/Export Assistance
  • Cultural factors
  • Communications
  • Licensing and property rights
  • Financials
  • Customs documentation/duties
  • Taxes calculations
  • Provide active distributors & customers overseas
  • Shipping organization
  • Deal with custom regulations


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