Global Business Development

Competing internationally and transforming a business into a global player is the major challenge and the ultimate opportunity to grow. The Global Business Union is specialized in internationalizing companies, which saves costs, time, and expensive pitfalls and boosts sales. Our comprehensive approach consists of five different steps: business analysis, business valuation, implementation of the internationalization, creating foreign partnerships, assisting in innovation new technology. An exit strategy of a business unit might be an option to generate funds and focus on core competencies to ensure a frictionless internationalization process.

Business Analysis

To fully exploit the growth potential, businesses need to evaluate their current position. Our professionals develop a profile of your company, which will be key for management to:

  • perform better decisions-making
  • discover areas for improvement
  • exploit well and poor managed departments
  • benchmark with other firms, best practices, and internally
  • identify operations typically for outsourcing
  • optimize business process
  • discover new growth potential
  • locate requirements necessary to internationalize
  • find international markets that suit the profile
  • know the future direction
  • draw a long-term strategy
  • develop a sustainable, balanced, growth, long-term strategy to increase customer satisfaction nationally and internationally.

The Company profile will be developed by our comprehensive approach, including SWOT & PESTLE analysis, BCG portfolio, employee portfolio, product matrix, competitive analysis, international cultural-conformity analysis, web 2.0 reputation analysis, business unit evaluation, asset valuation, TQM standard evaluation, supply chain analysis, and financial analysis.

Business Valuation

Evaluating a firm and its different business units provides compulsory insights for business navigation and financing activities. This deep analysis is describing the very details of your business. Besides the four classical financial statements, we can establish interim statements to follow trends, improve forecasts, and adapt the business to the market.

When also valuing the existing relationship network, non-compete agreements, and other agreements the real value of a business unit is being displayed. This comprehensive approach allows benchmarking, good business coordination, a reduction of the cost of capital, and in case of a sale: the true value of this business unit. Moreover, the make-or-buy-decision can be estimated more precisely.

Implementation Service

Implementing changes within a company or a global approach is one of the major challenges. A professional implementation needs to be consequential; exerted milestone by milestone; done with the right gale of implementation; and constantly reviewed, adopted, and optimized. We can guide you through the implementation process with an optimum of these critical issues to guarantee an implementation that works and to get the new orientation and strategy of the company started.

Intermediary Service

Good business relationships to the right suppliers, management and customers are vital for sustainable business.

We can connect you up to suppliers that fulfill your needs in the key areas: quality and cost of supplies; delivery time; supply chain coordination; cut assets and inventory; and supplier relationship conditions that improve your business.

In the global business environment local management in a foreign country can be crucial. We established a range of requirements foreign management needs to fulfill to become your business advisor. The foreign management will provide you with insight knowledge to enter this foreign market avoiding expensive mistakes, pushing your sales, and decreasing failures in local management.

We can also assist to access new customers, including wholesalers and major retailers. This can result in a dramatic boost of your sales, improve your sales forecast accuracy, and increase the level of your supply chain coordination.

Technology innovation

Innovating new technology is a key success factor of major businesses and a necessity for rapid growth. We know practices and techniques to effectively manage innovation. With managed innovation companies are able to re-invent their products, add new features to them, and discover new product ideas.

Further, we strive to cut the time to market your products to profit from sales earlier and to be ahead of competition. The service includes the management of protecting your intellectual property rights.

Exit Strategy

To transform a business, it is of major importance to focus on core competences. Some business units might have to be taken away from the product portfolio; hence a strategy is needed to effectively exit this field. An effective exit has a range of advantages:

  • avoiding a loss of reputation,
  • utilizing the generated cash to finance core activities and innovation,
  • repaying debt,
  • increasing the return on investment,
  • cutting fixed costs and overheads,
  • receiving the true value, and
  • utilizing the new capacity effectively.
Global Business Development
  • Business Valuation
  • Business Analysis
  • Implementation Service
  • Intermediary Service
  • Technology innovation
  • Exit Strategy


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