Global Business Coaching

Global Business Union provides special programs tailored for the successful development of small and middle sized international businesses and indispensable coaching for entrepreneurs and chief executives. We are a team of professionals from all around the world with a solid economic background, knowledge and expertise. We assist entrepreneurial companies from start-up, through the growth stages, business development and regulatory compliance.

"We are a team of professionals from all around the world with a solid economic background, knowledge and expertise".

As business development professionals, we are specialized in assisting small to mid-sized business owners achieve their vision, help discover a clear roadmap and coach them to meet their short and long-term goals, in an international arena. Whether you are just starting a company overseas, wanting to increase your profitability, expanding your operations, needing a business strategy, or even seeking to exit your business, Global Business Union can help you.

Business Coaching is our service designed to coach business owners to improve their national and international business abroad. Our Business Coaching supports business owners with their operation, sales, marketing, and management. The owners of small to medium size businesses find difficulties to expand overseas due to culture, laws, and communication differences. We smooth those barriers and coach your start-up or expand your business internationally. Our partners all around the world implement our global business team. Thus we are able to provide a broad portfolio of services for small and medium businesses.

As the world of international business moves faster and becomes more competitive, having a business coach becomes an essential component of your strategy. Global Business Union will guide you not only showing how to increase your business revenues and profits, but also how to develop your business in an international arena.

In the world of international business coaching, we are at the top level. Every member of our team comes with years of solid business management, which can really increase the success of your business.

Global Business Coaching


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