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Global Business Coaching

We provide special coaching programs tailored for the successful development of small and medium sized businesses for entrepreneurs and chief executives. LEARN MORE

Your Business Incubator

The incubation service involves a concrete assistance to foster business ideas or projects that nascent and established entrepreneurs are working on. LEARN MORE

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Start-Up & Growth

We are specialized in assisting small to mid-sized business owners achieve their vision, help discover a clear roadmap and coach them to meet their short and long-term goals, in an international arena.

Business Plans

Global Business Union has developed one of the fastest and most efficient processes to tailor a business plan. Thanks to our flexibility in meeting company's goals, we are able to build an accurate roadmap for your vision.

Small Business Development

To fully exploit the growth potential small businesses need to evaluate their current position. By focusing on their strengths and providing the necessary resources, we will prepare companies to compete in the market.

Marketing Strategies

Global Business Union offers to its clients a comprehensive approach to evaluate and implement the best marketing strategy in order to improve the exposure and the market share of the company.

GBU Internatinal Presence

Global Business Union partners and consultants across the globe provide a broad portfolio of resources able to meet clients' needs. MORE

Get inspired by entrepreneurs who have taken their idea and made it a success.

Your resources

Information is the key to good business decisions. Learn all about your customers and marketplace. MORE