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GBU provides a one-stop-shop business services for the internalization of small and medium enterprises. We provide tailored solutions for the early stage growth into new markets. LEARN MORE

Core Business Growth

A successful business is only achieved with a solid and efficient internal structure through ongoing analysis and in depth research, to lead the company toward success. LEARN MORE

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Start-Up & Growth

We support the analysis and planning for our clients to identify strategic options that strengthen their business development overseas, evaluate their opportunities and implement their chosen internationalization path.

Feasibility Study

A portfolio of assesment tools to reach core insights from the Arab markets through comprehensive feasibility studies. Explore how your company can trigger new opportunities and turn these in to ongoing growth.

Business Development

To fully leverage exploit their growth potential, businesses need to evaluate their current position. By cultivating their strengths and providing the necessary resources, we prepare companies to compete in the international market.

Market Research

Market analyses are conducted directly in the field across the MENA region by utilizing a wide array of governmental and leading partnerships. GBU is able to access an in depth knowledge of the contingent characteristics of the market to untap concrete opportunities.

Strategy & Operations

Market entry entails a combination of critical assessments to identify the perfect match between demand characteristics, competition and the peculiar features of the client firm. Our consulting teams deliver insightful strategy that drives firms to a sustainable leading position.

GBU Internatinal Presence

GBU Consulting relys on over 100 partners across the globe to provide clients with an extensive platform of resources and tools. MORE

Our resources

Information is the key to good business decisions. Learn all about your customers and marketplace. MORE

Get inspired by entrepreneurs who have taken their idea and made it a success.

Your resources

Information is the key to good business decisions. Learn all about your customers and marketplace. MORE